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Winners Table 2019


The 2019 Registered Master Builders Apprentice of the Year, in PARTNERSHIP with CARTERS is:

Morgan Wills, 23, employed by Stewart Hanna Ltd. and trained through BCITO.
In 2nd Place: Jay Pope, 29, from Nelson, employed by Mudgway Construction and trained through BCITO
In 3rd Place: Jason Helsby, 22, from Auckland is employed by Catalyst Construction Ltd and trained through BCITO


WAIKATO Apprentice Employer
First Place Morgan Wills Stewart Hanna Ltd.
Second Place James Ingham Grant Stewart Building Ltd.
Third Place Jono Sullivan Sullivan Builders
AUCKLAND Apprentice Employer
First Place Jason Helsby Catalyst Construction Ltd.
Second Place Ken Rowe Neal McKendrick Builders
Third Place Simon Burden Cooper and Cooper
CENTRAL SOUTH ISLAND Apprentice Employer
First Place Mark Smith Premium Homes
Second Place Liam Brewer Simon Construction Limited
Third Place Tamsyn Settle Leighs Construction
SOUTHERN Apprentice Employer
First Place Ryan Duffy W Hamilton Building Ltd.
Second Place James Chapman Christie Brothers Building
Third Place Jacob Esveld  SouthernWide Building Ltd.
LOWER NORTH ISLAND Apprentice Employer
First Place Liam Crivello Matthew Palmer Construction
Second Place Leland Raimona Hanna Construction
Third Place Thomas Mainwaring JD Barber Construction
First Place Cameron Diack Jones Builders
Second Place Brodie Phillips C B Homes
Third Place Daniel Ranger Calley Homes
CENTRAL NORTH ISLAND Apprentice Employer
First Place Todd Sutton Richard's Construction
Second Place James Downman Watson Building
Third Place Corey Evans-Bond New Zealand Army
HAWKES BAY EAST COAST Apprentice Employer
First Place Jesse Compton Hislop Construction
Second Place Cole Newport Richard Cole Builders
Third Place Travis Janssen Baldwin & Co Building
UPPER SOUTH ISLAND Apprentice Employer
First Place Jay Pope Mudgway Construction
Second Place Abraham Rood Ken Anderson Building Ltd.
Third Place Daniel Small  Scott's Construction Marlborough


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