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Outward Bound



As part of the Apprentice of the Year competition, our national finalists are given the opportunity to embark on a 16-day Outward Bound experience based in the Marlborough Sounds. The experience includes challenging adventures such as sailing, tramping, rock climbing and kayaking. 

This unique experience supports up and coming industry leaders to become self-aware, build confidence and improve problem solving skills. These skills are vital in today and tomorrow’s competitive training and employment market. 

The course helps apprentices to realise their potential by unlocking their best selves and strengthening their resilience and personal motivation. 

Each group is made up 10-13 people who work together, this helps to develop teamwork and leadership skills. 

The experience provides opportunities for the apprentices to learn from the physical and mental challenges of a traditional Outward Bound course and ensures that what is learnt can be easily applied back on the tools and at home.

The course is designed to push attendees’ limits and teach them new skills, not just practical but transferable skills, that will set the apprentices in good stead. 

Every day is a fun, challenging and valuable adventure with activities including:

  • Coasteering
  • Waka ama
  • Camping
  • Sailing
  • Tramping
  • High ropes
  • Kayaking
  • Rock climbing


 Apprentice of the Year winners at Outward Bound




Byron Raubenheimer
Regional Apprentice of the Year Waikato Winner 2020 
Attended the course in 2022 

“The biggest highlight was just the course itself! I’m a big fan of all things outdoors so getting an opportunity to learn new skills and push myself in these areas was pretty epic.

The biggest challenge I faced was managing my prosthetic leg. Being an amputee added an additional level of complexity in trying to keep my prosthetics dry and managing the state of my leg to get through the whole course.

A big learning for me was learning to step back and allow others the opportunity to lead and grow. Sometimes it’s more about the growth of others, than getting there first or doing it your way.” 



Matthew Van Bohemen
Regional Apprentice of the Year Winner Bay of Plenty/ Central Plateau 2020
Second Place National Apprentice of the Year 2020 
Attended the course in 2021

"This has been an eye-opening experience which has been massive for my own personal development and growth. I've had a lot of time for self-reflection with tools supplied by Outward Bound to change my mindset. The actives we've been done have been a test emotionally and physically, which has pushed me to new limits and made me realise the importance of teamwork."

Karl Douglas
Regional Winner Lower North Island 2020
Attended the course in 2021

" I left the course feeling as though I'd overcome many challenges. My time here at the camp has been a game changer for the way my mind and body work, both mentally and physically. With each challenge set, I've pushed myself further than I ever anticipated."


Need more info? Click here to check out the Outward Bound Brochure, or watch the 2021 Outward Bound Experience video below. 





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