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From here the judging process begins, and is made up of the following stages.


Written Application

18 March - 14 April 2022
100 points

It all starts here - points are allocated for the quality of your initial entry, so take your time with it. Get your entry finished before 14 April.

You will be marked on your project and your why me.


Practical Challenge

11 June (time tbc in the morning)

100 points

Complete a two hour practical challenge at selected CARTERS in your local area on Saturday 11 June. The locations will be decided based on entrant numbers in the area.

*Details will be forwarded to all entrants in the week of 1 June by the regional branch AOY coordinator. Apprentices MUST report to their designated CARTERS store on time or will be out of the competition so we recommend you arrive early.



From all the entries in Stage 1, a maximum of ten will be shortlisted to progress to Stage 2 of the competition which will include an interview and a site visit. 

The judging panel is made up of a regional representative from  Registered Master Builders, BCITO and CARTERS.


Interview (100 points)

This may be carried out the same day as the site visit or an alternative date which will be confirmed with you.


Site visit (100 points)

Entrants  will be visited onsite by the judging panel to discuss the project and their personal contribution to it.

It is to your advantage to link your site visit to your submission - complete builds are fine. Also note your tool kit will be assessed at the site visits and contribute towards your points.


Regional Results August and September 2022

Regional winners and placegetters are announced at award events in your region during August and September.

The 10 regional winners then compete for the Registered Master Builders Apprentice of the Year in Partnership with CARTERS - title.


National Final November 2022

National judging takes place over two days on November 2021 and includes a 45-minute interview with the national judging panel and a practical skills test. We will pay for all your transport there.

The practical skills test is open to the public on the morning of from 9AM.

Owned By Registered Master Builders

Principal Partner Carters

Event Partner BCITO