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What's in it for You



Apart from the fantastic prizes, previous Apprentice of the Year entrants have said they've gotten the following out of entering:


  • A chance to compare themselves against other apprentices to see how they measure up
  • Recognition of their skills, which is valuable for future employment opportunities
  • A head start on business skills, through preparing the entry form, being interviewed and undertaking a site visit
  • Building confidence in themselves and their skills.


“I wanted the opportunity to get an idea of where I was at compared to my peers. Also, I knew that entering the competition would only make me a better apprentice by putting me to the test and making me work and study harder.” – 2017 Apprentice of the Year Vincent Hubbard
Hear what our 2021 Apprentices had to say about his time in the competition. You can also hear one of our national judges Martin Goulden talking about his experience with the competition, he's been a judge for 18 years now!



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