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Winners Table - 2013

2013 National Winners 11 October 2013

1st - William Harkness
2nd - Jonathan Yorke
3rd - Andrew Higgins

2013 Regional Winners

Northern Apprentice Employer
First Place Eugene Sparnon, 22 Architectural Edge Ltd
Second Place Arne Nethe, 26 Salamander Build
Third Place Harrison Bray, 22 Iconic Homes
Auckland Apprentice Employer
First Place Kate Ross, 26 CG Low Building Ltd
Second Place Nathan Thompson, 20 van der Putten Construction Ltd
Third Place Jalon Logan, 22 Brickwood Construction
Waikato Apprentice Employer
First Place Mark Bell, 22 Lobell Construction
Second Place Ben Nowland, 22 CJW Build Ltd
Third Place Ryan Fleetwood, 21 Xtend NZ Ltd
Bay of Plenty/East Coast Apprentice Employer
First Place Bill Harkness, 21 Redmond Builders and Construction
Second Place Grant Kissling, 21 Thomas Homes
Third Place Jono Whitaker, 22 Atkin Construction Limited
Central North Island Apprentice Employer
First Place Jonathan Yorke, 22 Arnott & Arnott
Second Place Jesse Sextus, 22 Dawson and Gerrard
Third Place Harris Hamilton, 24 G J Gardner
Wellington Apprentice Employer
First Place Ben Mitchell, 24 Scotty’s Construction 2002 Ltd
Second Place Christopher Schaw, 23 Mackersey Construction Ltd
Third Place Gavin Barr, 23 M2 Building Ltd
Upper South Island Apprentice Employer
First Place Andrew Higgins, 23 Dusty Builders Ltd
Second Place Hamish Griffith, 21 Chris Barnett Builders Ltd
Third Place Aaron Mitchell, 24 Bruce Design and Build
Central South Island Apprentice Employer
First Place Micheal Rochford, 23 DJ Hewitt Builders Ltd
Second Place Andrew McMillan, 21 Hawkins Group Limited
Third Place Angus Fraser Smith & Sons North Canterbury
Southern Region Apprentice Employer
First Place Peter O'Sullivan, 22 Lund Construction
Second Place Cohen Eric Mowat, 23 Robinson Grellet Building Ltd
Third Place Marc Russell, 23 Alpine Management Consultants
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Principal Partner Carters

Event Partner BCITO